Players & Members

ConductorMike WildmanTreasurer 
Soprano CornetAlec Ellis 
Principal CornetMick Veasey 
Solo CornetWendy Robbins 
Solo CornetMick Beeston 
Solo CornetStuart Law 
Flugel HornJanet Penn 
Repiano CornetGraham Pratt  
2nd CornetGwyneth Veasey 
2nd CornetAndy HetheringtonSocial Media Co-ordinator 
3rd CornetAndrew NaylorEngagements Secretary
Solo HornSusan BaileyGeneral Secretary
Solo HornPat Allsopp  
1st HornJenny White 
1st HornOlena Oddy  
2nd HornRuth Delamare 
2nd HornDavid Hersey 
EuphoniumJane BaileyLibrarian
EuphoniumAlan Delamare 
1st BaritoneCatherine Owen
1st BaritoneSteve Adams  
2nd BaritoneJeff Plant 
2nd BaritoneLexi Murphy 
1st Trombone Simon Maher Chairman & Bandmaster 
1st TromboneJan Beeston  
1st TromboneLesley Adams 
2nd TromboneMargaret Bailey 
2nd TromboneJohn Cookson 
Bass Trombone Malcolm Firth Committee Member 
Eb BassRodger Williamson 
Eb BassOliver Vavasour  
Bb BassGary Lewin 
Bb BassAnn Tomlin 
PercussionPaul Johnson 

We are grateful for the support and encouragement we get from our non-playing

President                                 Ruth Johnson
Vice Presidents                       Graham Johnson
                                                Lord Bach of Lutterworth
                                                Mike Summers
                                                Dave Hopkinson Jnr
                                                Eric Mewis

Guest Players - we are also indebted to those many players from other bands
who `fill in' for us often at the last minute. This ensures that we have a full band
to fulfill our engagements and we do appreciate all their help and support.